​SAS is the standard statistical package used across the clinical trial industry. It is an extremely complex system whose installations, upgrade, patches and performance management calls for expertise. Each of these changes will have to follow the Computer System Validation and Change Management SOPS and all will have to be audit trailed. IQ/OQ for the SAS® software needs to be performed with every upgrade. For pharmaceutical companies, this poses a major challenge, and that’s where we can help. Vita Global Sciences is a Silver SAS Alliance Partner. Our partnering with SAS ensures that our clients in the life science industry receives benefit for a safe and effective way of launching noble drugs, medical devices and effective treatment ways.

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SAS System Implementation

In partnership with our trusted IT vendors, VGS will be able to help your company set-up and manage a validated regulatory compliant environment to securely store your clinical data and meet your needs to perform statistical analysis and reporting. We will also help you with identifying the optimal hardware and software configuration.

  • Install, qualify and validate your SAS environment​

  • Provide senior level SAS system qualification support​

  • Qualified hardware and software configurations​

  • Appropriate Network configurations​

  • PQ/IQ documentation​

  • Audit Support

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VGS Spotfire® System Implementation

A strong Data Analytics team who offers an “out-of-the-box” solution for data review and visualization using the VGS Spotfire® tool. Our Spotfire developers offer a suite of consulting services such as Dashboard development, installation & upgrades, Spotfire SDK (software development kit) expertise, architecture services, and best practices.

  • Deliver data in visual, geo and streaming analytical form​

  • Build standard dashboard and data visualization templates​

  • Customized solution in Spotfire based on user requirement​

  • Supplement data review, visualization and analytics​

  • Enable ongoing clinical data review and safety monitoring​

  • Contribute to study CSR and Clinical Safety and Efficacy​

  • Results in an accelerated NDA


Veeva Partner: We are proud partner of Veeva, a renowned leader in data analytics and visualization solutions. This collaboration empowers us to harness the power of Veeva’s advanced technology, enabling us to deliver enhanced insights and visualizations to our clients in the healthcare industry. By leveraging Veeva’s cutting-edge tools, we can analyze complex data sets, uncover actionable intelligence, and provide our clients with robust and intuitive visualizations that drive informed decision-making and improve overall performance. Together, we are revolutionizing the way data is analyzed and visualized in the healthcare space, bringing greater efficiency and effectiveness to our clients’ operations.


Anju Trialmaster: Vita Global Sciences’ collaboration with Trialmaster enables us to leverage TrialMaster’s state-of-the-art technology, empowering us to deliver advanced insights and visualizations to our clients in the paharmaceutical industry. By harnessing TrialMaster’s innovative tools, we can analyze complex trial data, uncover valuable insights, and provide our clients with intuitive and impactful visualizations that drive informed decision-making and improve overall trial performance.

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Case Studies

At Vita Global Sciences, we’ve had the privilege of partnering with some of the most innovative names in the pharmaceutical industry. Our case studies showcase the breadth of our work, highlighting key projects that have revolutionized drug lifecycle development. From early-stage research to market-ready solutions, we invite you to explore these success stories that underscore our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Manufacturing Case Study

Rapidly Expanding Manufacturing Capacity

ClinOps Case Study

Providing Niche Clinical Ops Talent