The challenge:

A better way to find and keep key talent.

Vita Global Sciences (VGS) was approached by a client who was struggling to find the niche talent they needed in clinical operations, although using multiple workforce suppliers. They were looking for a solution that would not only help them to access great talent but also drive collaboration, improve retention, and provide opportunities to scale their workforce up and down when needed.

The solution:

An FSP with advanced engagement activity.

The VGS FSP team worked with client leaders to develop a single-supplier solution that would provide easy access to clinical talent and improve retention by delivering better training, more communication, and enhanced professional development. VGS restructured roles to build a more collaborative working environment and used their established talent network to fill vacant positions quickly.


The value:

Improved retention and 30% cost savings.

The client’s FSP has continued to grow and diversify since becoming fully operational. VGS ensures the program stays fully compliant with the client’s legal requirements while delivering an impressive 30% in cost savings over their previous model. Retention rates have also improved as the VGS team finds more ways to bring added value to employees through support and development. Feedback from the client has been excellent, and VGS is committed to developing the program to meet their evolving needs.

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