The VDS “out-of-the-box” data analytics and visualization solution using industry standard tools like Spotfire®, etc. provide our clients with real time trial dashboards on all the ongoing trials. This will enable the client to better manage and monitor the trial from Day 1. Our reports are aesthetically appealing and provides drill down capabilities which will enable a trial monitor to gather specific data points that are looking for. We also provide development services that enable ad hoc reporting as the trial progresses which enables the sponsor to generate data points as and when they need it.

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​Clinical Data Review

VDS offers clinical data solutions which will speed up the review process while ensuring adherence to protocol, identifying compliance issues and implementing corrective actions. Our advanced analytic solutions help clients to overcome reviewing issues and concerns. Our clinical development team quickly prepare and analyze data to unveil insights that will help the sponsor in making informed decisions on the safety, efficacy and medical outcomes. Data quality issues can be identified and rectified during the course of the study through these systems.

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​Operational Analytics

Massive volumes of data collected across the clinical trials provide an opportunity for the pharmaceuticals sector to improve their drug development strategies like clinical trial design, patient recruitment, site performance, resource allocation and Trial monitoring an overall decision making. VDS leverage the power of operational analytics using real time data from all phases of clinical development to provide interactive visualization, determine performance gaps, deliver operational in-sights that ultimately enhance the overall trial performance of the sponsor.

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Risk Based Monitoring

Sponsors are facing major challenges in the complex task of monitoring the progress of geographically distributed trials. VDS RBM solutions are driven by a dynamically configurable rule engine. It helps sponsors and CROs to adopt an agile risk-based monitoring approach throughout a trial. Our RBM framework provides the user with the capabilities to define key performance indicators related to the trial. It also helps the sponsors to assimilate data from the various data sources which will be warehoused and analyzed in order to provide actionable insights on the ongoing trials.

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Case Studies

At Vita Clinical Solutions, we’ve had the privilege of partnering with some of the most innovative names in the pharmaceutical industry. Our case studies showcase the breadth of our work, highlighting key projects that have revolutionized drug lifecycle development. From early-stage research to market-ready solutions, we invite you to explore these success stories that underscore our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Manufacturing Case Study

Rapidly Expanding Manufacturing Capacity

ClinOps Case Study

Providing Niche Clinical Ops Talent