The challenge:

Compliance, cost, and visibility.

Vita Global Sciences (VGS) experts worked with a client’s Integrated Data Systems and Reporting (IDAR) department to help them streamline all data management and statistical programming activity within a region. Previously, the client was relying heavily on freelancers and outsourcing, making it tough to maintain compliance, control costs, and improve visibility.

The solution:

An FSP that balances control with efficiency.

The client chose VGS as their preferred outsourcing partner. The VGS team soon created an FSP solution that allowed the client to balance control with efficiency and improve their access to hard-to-find niche talent. To support a smooth roll-out, VGS provided internal training and developed a system for project management that blended existing client resourcing mechanisms with internal VGS systems.


The value:

30% cost savings. 100% of KPI targets hit.

The FSP solution has been fully operational and compliant with all the client’s legal requirements for more than four years. VGS has delivered cost savings of about 30%, while hitting all KPI targets since the beginning of 2016. The team continues to collaborate closely by interacting daily with client stakeholders and holding weekly meetings for management and resourcing. Client evaluations have shown VGS consistently surpassing expectations across the board.

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